Miguel on Canal + Series : what is the series of israeli adapted from a touching true story ?

Presented last year at the first edition of the Festival CANNESERIES, the series israeli “Miguel” had deeply moved the public. It airs on Fridays 5 and 12 April on Canal + Series. And we recommend it warmly ! What is it about ? Tom, 23 years old, is on the verge of realizing his dream : to adopt a child. But when he meets Miguel, a 5 year old boy stubborn, the reality of the adoption of the hits in the face. He must then cope both to the child but also the child that he himself has been, abandoned and lonely. 16 years later, Miguel share in Guatemala in search of his roots. But Tom is going to do everything in its power to prevent him from discovering the secret that it hides him for all these years… 6 episodes aired Fridays 5 and 12 April on Canal + Series from 21h Miguel – season 1 trailer VO When the first edition of the festival CANNESÉRIES in April 2018, the series israeli Miguel we had typed it in the eye and was awarded a special prize of interpretation for the entire cast, bringing together Raul Mendez (Sense8, Narcos), Ran Danker, star in his country, or even Aviv Carmi. We had the opportunity to meet the team at the time.

Inspired by the true story of the creator… If Miguel is so touching, it is perhaps first and foremost because it is inspired by a true story, that of the creator Tom Salama, who has truly lived a similar story when he travelled to Central America in his early twenties to adopt a child. “It is emotionally and visually very close to what I’ve experienced,” admitted he. “But it is true that at the beginning I absolutely wanted everything to be exactly the same, and I had to resolve to change things for reasons of drama, or pratriques.” Thus, the end of the story, surprisingly, does not correspond entirely to reality. A story of no little importance in all the cases, which warranted certainly to him alone to make it a series. “This is a small series, but on a big topic, universal, where it is question of the love which unites parents to their children. At a time when the big hits are mostly action-oriented, such as Game Of Thrones, I think it is important that there are also series such as ours, strong but simple.” he explained. The atmosphere, very intimate, is not without reminding us This Is Us, as far as the story is set in two different periods of the life of the hero like in the drama family. We find this same emphasis to the truth, especially in the characters who are not spared in the portrayal of them, but with less lyricism and more bitterness. Miguel also touched on the subject of adoption, namely by a young gay man, under a new angle, without concession and with a sincerity that is disarming, far from the clichés hollywood. We discover with accuracy the complicated process which the hero must face before being able to leave with his child. It also includes how to become a parent and love his child, especially in this context, is not something as simple and natural than we would like to have us believe. Tom is assailed by doubts, he wonders if the little Miguel, a turbulent and angry, is indeed “the good”. These questions feed a reflection-rich, which adds to the theme of the trafficking of children, always highly developed in many regions of the world, the difficulty of being homosexual in a country like Guatemala, and the difficulty of being a father gay short : “It is always tested, observed when one is a father gay, we are still waiting for the time when you are going to make a mistake. You have to constantly prove that you are capable of.”

About collected in April 2018 at Cannes